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Why Fountain

The Institute of Coaching is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the integrity and credibility of the field of coaching


FOUNTAIN provides in-house study material. Our study material has been prepared after intensive study and can be easily grasped by students at all levels. We believe that educational material should be simple, precise, easily understandable and practical. The study package has been designed in a way that it can withstand the toughest competition and still give a clear-cut approach to solving complex problems with utmost ease and confidence.

Assignments/Homework/Work Booklet

We provide regular practice assignments that are well researched to provide students with the opportunity to wade through a bank of knowledge and evaluate their command on the topic. Our assignment material is upgraded every year, keeping in view the changing patterns of various entrance examinations

Individual Doubt Removal Sessions:

Personal interaction between teachers and students generates a healthy environment that encourages students to communicate their personal doubts and difficulties. Each and every problem faced by the students is systematically explained to their satisfaction.

Special Evaluation Papers:

These are specially designed test papers by which the knowledge of the students is tested pertaining to the topics taught up to the CBSE level, so that they can produce extraordinary results in the board examinations as well.

Regular Tests:

Student understanding and progress is checked in the form of tests held at regular intervals. A detailed analysis of these tests is provided to students to enable them judge their performance vis-a-vis other students. This is great feedback to parents as well. This process leads to improvements.

Periodic Reports for Parents:

Regular reports are sent to parents to chart the progress of their children. These also ensure regular interaction between parents and faculty members.

Proper Time Management

Sufficient time is given for revision and personal doubt clearances.

Regular Parent Teacher Meetings:

The Institute organizes Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) at regular intervals in order to make the parents aware of the performance of their ward.

Counselling and Guidance Programme:

As counselors,our aim is to provide a comprehensive guidance programme for all the students in grades VIII to XII. The counselors provide services to address the needs of the students, and hold consultations with teachers, staff, community resources and parents to enhance their effectiveness in helping students and providing support to other high school educational programmes. Counsellors work to encourage and support students by helping them understand their abilities, identify their interests and set goals. Counselling might also involve helping with teachers, helping with school, learning how to get along with others, or making decisions. We work with students individually, in small groups and in classroom activities. We also present information to students in large groups. The main thrust of the programme is to help students understand themselves, to set personal, educational and career goals for themselves, and to make informed and thoughtful decisions.

Competitive and Healthy Environment:

The great learning environment of the Institute provides a platform where students can compete for the best. This competitive platform at FOUNTAIN provides the necessary edge and exposure to students. In addition to coaching for competitive examinations, we also prepare students for their school/board examinations.

Corporate Guest Lectures / Seminars / Workshops:

The Institute organizes Guest Lectures / Seminars / Workshops / Discussion Sessions, in order to prepare students for making quality presentations and to provide them with practical exposure.

Extra-Curricular Activities (One more step towards excellence):

In order to provide students with a break from studies, the Institute organizes events like Freshers' Welcome Bash, New Year Carnival, seminars, cricket tournaments, football, volleyball and basketball matches, Annual Fest, picnics and tours, to ensure complete relaxation and enjoyment while learning. These develop and maintain the highest standards of courtesy, emotional discipline, good sportsmanship and the ability to act as good hosts and guests. The aim is to offer opportunities for a wider development and learning, not necessarily found in books.


Fountain Institute has world-class infrastructure to support students in shaping their career. It is strategically situated at a prominent location, well connected with modes of transport. We support each student with modern facilities and amenities to make them feel comfortable while learning at our campus. The course structure and curriculum at Fountain ensures overall development of every student. We try our best to teach professional skills and give opportunities to learn with modern facilities.

Spacious, Well Lit & Air-Conditioned Classrooms:

Spacious, well lit, healthy and air-conditioned classrooms ensure more comfort to all students. Various teaching aids such as LCD, Overhead Projector and Television give good visibility for clear demonstration during lectures. A well maintained seminar hall helps organize events and meetings.

Library Facility:

The Institute has a rich library with the latest and finest books on various subjects, languages and for general studies. The Institute also subscribes to a number of journals and magazines needed for students to update their knowledge.

Hostel Facility:

Fountain has own hostels which provide accommodation facility to students at reasonable rates. Various options are available to suit the convenience of outsiders. These are well maintained and have all facilities for students to live comfortably in a physically and spiritually healthy and altruistic environment.

Facilties at Fountain:

Faculty members for various courses at the Institute are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. They use a modern approach according to the needs of the students and their courses. Case studies, seminars and debates on various topics related to the courses develop analytical and decision-making skills in the students. Our instructional mode involves the latest technology for quality learning. It is a fact that the faculty makes learning a joyful experience by teaching courses through innovative means. Complex topics are explained in a simple and coherent manner that is easy to grasp. Students are given individual attention and their psychological needs are well attended to. You will find that Our faculty has:-

  • An elevated state of consciousness with the radiance of wisdom.
  • Deep realization and clear understanding of the psychological needs of each student.
  • The capability of explaining complex topics in a simple and communicative manner so that students get elated spontaneously and not frustrated by undue pressure.
  • A research-oriented and innovative approach.
  • Positive attitude towards the Institute, Management and Students.
  • Natural love for students.
  • A passion for teaching.
  • Clarity of expression.
  • Clarity of concepts.
  • A deep knowledge of all the aspects of their subjects.
  • High qualification and expertise.
  • Wide experience.
  • Good acquaintance with the syllabus and examination pattern.
  • Excellent motivation and dedication levels