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Home Visits by Guide Faculties

As Guide Teacher, our aim is to provide a comprehensive guidance program for all the students in grades VIII to XII. The guide teacher provide services to address the needs of the students, and hold consultations with teachers, staff, community resources and parents to enhance their effectiveness in helping students and providing support to other high school educational programmes. Guide teacher work to encourage and support students by helping them understand their abilities, identify their interests and set goals. Guidance might also involve helping with teachers, helping with school, learning how to get along with others, or making decisions. We work with students individually, in small groups and in classroom activities. We also present information to students in large groups. The main thrust of the programme is to help students understand themselves, to set personal, educational and career goals for themselves, and to make informed and thoughtful decisions. Student understanding and progress is checked in the form of tests held at regular intervals. A detailed analysis of these tests is provided to students to enable them judge their performance vis a vis other students. This is great feedback to parents as well. This process leads to improvements.

Regular Parent Teacher Meetings:

The Institute organizes Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) at regular intervals in order to make the parents aware of the performance of their ward.

Periodic Reports for Parents:

Regular reports are sent to parents to chart the progress of their children. These also ensure regular interaction between parents and faculty members.

Individual Doubt Removal Sessions:

Personal interaction between teachers and students generates a healthy environment that encourages students to communicate their personal doubts and difficulties. Each and every problem faced by the students is systematically explained to their satisfaction. .